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The theme of Main Conference

Universal Design and Sustainable Development

Sub Themes

  1. Innovation for All

    We frequently experience problems as we try to use goods and services around us. To get rid of such inconveniences, innovation is essential in every aspect.

  2. Regional and Urban Development

    Regional and urban development must consider the residents in the area. They should not be segregated as new infrastructure is introduced. UD has a crucial role to play for the purpose.

  3. Sustainable Inclusive City

    Sustainability is a global issue, and inclusivity as well. How can we make our cities sustainable and inclusive?

  4. User-friendly product design and service

    All products around us must be universally designed, and they must be integrated with inclusive service, so that no one is excluded.

  5. Rapid Global Ageing

    Population ageing is not a problem in developed countries. It is more urgent for emerging countries whose population ageing might come before they are affluent. How can we mitigate potential problems through universal design?


17th Sept. 2018

The International Association for Universal Design - IAUD (Patron: Her Royal Highness Princess Yohko) has the pleasure of co-hosting its seventh International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand toward the end of fiscal year 2018.

UUniversal design means design of products, environments and services usable to the greatest number of people regardless of ethnicity, culture, custom, nationality, gender, age, or abilities.

We have hosted six international conferences in the past: first one in Yokohama in November 2002, second in Kyoto in 2006, third in Hamamatsu in 2010, fourth in Fukuoka in 2012, fifth in Fukushima & Tokyo in 2014, and sixth in Nagoya in 2016, all in Japan. The seventh will be held outside Japan, in Thailand with whom we have a long history of friendship.

Thailand is the original member of ASEAN, established in 1967 (with Bangkok Declaration), and key player of the economic growth in the region. Population in ASEAN countries are over six hundred million, greater than EU which has population of five hundred million, and further growth is expected both population-wise and economic-wise.

Regarding the universal design in Thailand, metro lines are fully accessible with lifts, escalators and wheelchair accessible toilets through the financing by the JBIC, but surrounding public facilities and roads already in existence are yet to be renovated. Technology transfer and training of specialists may still be needed to raise awareness and potentials although JICA, in cooperation with ESCAP, contributed to the training of barrier-free specialists in the regions for years.

The seventh conference will focus on sustainable development through universal design. Many Japanese companies have their factories in Thailand, which have contributed industrial promotion and employment so far. Their active participation and discussion during the conference will further enhance the possibilities of regional development including accessible tourism, toward realizing a society where universal design will prevail.

We sincerely hope your understanding of our proposals, and generous support and active participation toward successful completion of the conference are welcome.

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