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Event Outline

IAUD plans to hold The 7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019. Please read the details proposed below. We look forward very much to welcoming you.

The 7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019

Dates (tentative)

Opening Ceremony / Open Symposium: Monday 4 March 2019
Plenary Session, Concurrent Sub-sessions, Exhibition, etc: Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 March 2019

Participants (tentative)

Expected number of participants: 5,000 on opening day, 15,000 in total
Expected number of participating countries and regions: (approx. 30)

Venue (tentative)

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, etc.

Theme (tentative)

Universal Design and Sustainable Development

Sub Themes

  1. Universal Design for Industrial Promotion

    In Japan, UD know-how has become entrenched to some degree centering on large corporations, and going forward, as part of comprehensive economic support that includes transferring knowledge to overseas and cooperating with human resource development, a focus will be placed on promoting industry and creating employment, not only in manufacturing industries, but also a variety of industries, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries and service industries.

  2. Universal Design for Regional Planning

    Accessibility will be developed in urban infrastructure and city living, and responses to accidents during emergencies, such as fires and power outages, will be reviewed from a UD perspective.

  3. Universal Design for Aged Society

    It is estimated that the proportion of older people aged 65 or above in the Kingdom of Thailand was 10.58% in 2017, and will exceed 14% in 2022. It is expected that Japan, as the most aged country in the world, where the proportion of older people aged 65+ is above 27%, can share many accomplishments and lessons with ASEAN member states where rapid aging is projected, through UD technology transfers and mutual personnel exchanges.

  4. Universal Design for Tourism

    The Kingdom of Thailand accepts the largest number of tourists in Southeast Asia. Further improvements of tourist’ facilities in Thailand based on the concept of UD may attract more tourists and contribute to the development of tourism industries and the economic development of whole Thailand. We hope the lessons and advanced examples accumulated in Japan will be shared in this conference, so that Japan and ASEAN member states can build mutually beneficial relationship.

Content of main events (tentative)

  1. Open Symposium
    [March 4]
    This will consist of commemorative speeches, keynote speeches by guest speakers invited from overseas, panel discussions featuring domestic and overseas lecturers, and so on.

  2. Exhibition
    [March 4 to 6]
    There will be a total of 160 booths, and about two-thirds of these will be used for exhibits by companies and organizations. Also, some of the booths will be assigned to local governments and educational institutions, and will be utilized for presenting the content of activities, etc.

  3. Public Seminar/Workshop
    [March 4 to 5]
    This will consist of public lectures for citizens, so a program targeted to the general public will be planned and implemented.

  4. IAUD International Design Award 2018 Presentation Event
    [March 4]
    This will be one of the highlights of the international conference. Entries will be received and screenings of them will be carried out beforehand, and then based on the results, the winners will be commended and given prizes at the venue.

  5. Oral Sessions
    [March 5 to 6]
    For this session, entries will be received and a strict screening will be conducted beforehand, and the papers that have passed the screening will be assigned by theme and genre. Commendations will be given for excellent papers on the last day.

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